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I am just seeking but someone that looks to talk,chill cuddle up and hang out movie or bite to eat and sum good sex My interests are,movies,sports,sum current events,good food,good sex.

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Women who like facials

Most guys love them, and maybe your man has asked to cum on your face before. As a woman, I love facials.

I love them because it makes me feel like he wants me as his own. Like he thinks I am so sexy that he wants to Women who like facials able to have himself all over the part of me he thinks is sexiest.

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loke It makes me feel so sexy and so wanted. And I love seeing how much he loves it. I LOVE when guys cum on me.

It turns me on so much. My current girlfriend however… She totally loves it when I cum on her face or tits.

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She totally gets off on it. Seeing the satisfaction she gets out of it makes it a completely different experience for me.

With her, it definitely turns me on. For me, I just fucking love cum. His in particular, it turns me on to no end.

I rub it all over me when he comes on me. I love the taste, smell, just everything.

Want Horny People Women who like facials

I wipe it off with my hand and lick my fingers after. It feels like warm snot on your face.

Cum is great for your skin I think. The trope of a facial is a recent phenomenon.

So, why did this shift happen? There are various different Women who like facials for why trends in adult movies exist and translate into reality. For facials, the viewer was able to see the actresses face and the celebratory ejaculation at the same time.

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Of course, monkey see, monkey do and the rise of cumshots and facials became a new desire for many whho Women who like facials old men across the globe.

Whether this is an interest in humiliating or degrading a partner is subjectively unclear. I find no satisfaction in it.

I had a girlfriend once who like facials. I actually enjoy facials quite bit. I don’t let guys cum in my vagina for safety reasons, so cumming in my mouth or on my face is my preferred option. The facial, or the act of ejaculating onto the woman's face at the If they like and feel a connection with the guy, then the facial is hot and they. Is it common among girls? because I want to do it to my girl. with my partners. I would also add that submissive women are more likely to enjoy it. . The answer is that some girls like facials and some don't. It doesn't.

She enjoys a happy ending on her face. But everyone should be able to freely enjoy a fantasy.

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The instant that someone tries to facialw it a humiliation thing, though, all the fun has gone out of it. I offered to allow my boyfriend Women who like facials if he converted to veganism, he declined. I let him do it once and we moved on with our lives, really. It's just kind of dumb Women who like facials wasteful. I don't know about "gross", it's just cum. If you do it in the shower like we did, swoosh, swoosh, it's gone, no dramas and it's just another thing to cross off he sexual bucket list.

If he enjoys it, I enjoy it.

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I find the submissive aspect of it extremely appealing. As long as it doesn't get in my eyes, because ouch that stings. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Women who like facials in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post.

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I Wanting Sex Women who like facials

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Want to add to the Women who like facials I love when my boyfriend comes on me. I think it's very sexy. I'll tolerate if he likes to do it but he better keep that shit away from my eyes. That's what it is!

21 Women Explain How They Really Feel About Facials - BuzzFeed

I love being dominated. As an act alone, not really.

I do love my hubby to cum on my tits and let me rub it in. Huge turn on for me.

If a guy did that, the relationship would be over. I have absolutely no need for it.

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