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Looking for a gorean master

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Bisexual or gay men. I always use rubber. Not waiting for anything serious, just a friend, and if it comes with benefits that's great.

Age: 41
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City: Echuca–Moama
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The Challenge of Gorean Slavery The Psychological and Sociological Basis for the Institution of let us now look at the idea of slavery in the social and psychological context. And it is only through re-defining what is "safe" and "expected" in a relationship that both the Gorean Master and the Gorean slave find the fulfillment that both. A (SAMPLE) GOREAN MASTER’S CREED. by _Marcus_ of Ar. Above all else a Gorean Master values his slave and understands the vulnerability of her position upon his chain. Knowing that she has assumed her correct place in the Gorean social system he is bound to compel her to behave as what she is, and to correct her as she strives to achieve the. Mar 18,  · It sounds more like you are looking for a Dom then a gorean master. I am not sure how happy you will be by looking for a gorean master. Gor in sl these days is mostly strictly role play. Role players are often not interested in any kind of OOC m/s exchanges. If your heart is set on a gorean background - look for gorean lifestyle sims.

I am, of course a noob. I made this account awhile back but drifted back to IMVU. Currently I am looking for a Gorean rp or an rp looking for a sub.

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Either one will do just fine however hearing the good things about the secondlife Gorean life, I would love to try that. Matser I stated, I am new, so heres your chance to mold and shape someone into exactly what your looking for: I am looking for a Master, 11122 sex meet am bisexual so Misstresses can spark my intrest Looking for a gorean master well.

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However I am looking for more than just a 'sexual' connection. BDSM and Gor, at least in SL, are two quite distinct subcultures which, despite or maybe because of their apparent similarities, don't always mix together very well.

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Obviously, Looking for a gorean master form your own conclusions, but in my experience Looking for a gorean master often quite big differences between the assumptions about how Gor Masters and their slaves and kajirae behave and how BDSM Dominants and submissives behave. Anyway, all Hot girls Vancouver xxx apart, while I don't know much about Gor, I'd certainly suggest you check out the Gor Hub.

While it certainly isn't Gor proper, it's the main gateway to Gor, as it were, Lookinb you'll certainly find plenty of people who're more than willing to tell you about Gor and the various different Gorean gorezn.

We're a privately-owned complex of sims that aims to welcome people to Adult Looking for a gorean master in general, and acts a resource centre. Another place you might want to visit -- I think you might like it -- is Valnorwhich is a Gor FemDom sim which might sound an oxymoron but they've got a back-story that makes perfect sense, or as much sense as these things ever do and is a very friendly community.

Maybe read some of the books first before you venture in. You need to be a Hot married Gambarie in order to leave a comment.

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Posted June 30, Looking forward to your post. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted July 1, Hi, Amor, and welcome to SL, or welcome back. Thank you so much!

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