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Wanted Beaumont Kentucky woman for gig to attend the 'Game of Thrones' final season premiere? Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana ready to bleed for it Here's how you could win a trip to the season premiere of "Game of Thrones. Chloe Grace Moretz channels Britney Spears' iconic denim outfit on her 22nd birthday The actress shares how she lightens the mood on set between takes.

Lady Gaga and her fiance split The Oscar nominee wasn't wearing her ring earlier this month. We love these celebs who brought their moms to the Oscars Sometimes even celebrities just need their mom.

Feds investigating whether 'Empire' actor played a role in sending threatening letter The accusation was made by the two brothers interrogated by Chicago police. What to expect from this year's host-less Oscars This hasn't happened in 30 years.

Mandy Moore on her ex-husband Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana Adams: Dolly Parton says her husband isn't the biggest fan of her music The icon shared what her husband thinks about her famous country music. As rumors fly about two of the women, Colton follows his heart There Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana now four women remaining. Pregnant Meghan Markle makes secret trip to New York City for baby shower Ladifs Duchess of Sussex is seeing friends before she has her baby, a source said.

See the Sseking nominees on their 1st red carpet We take a look back at the first time Oscar nominees attended the show. Meryl Streep, Halle Berry and more Oscar-winning speeches for the ages Watch and try not to tear up at these incredible speeches. They will rock you: Queen and Adam Lambert to perform at Oscars Oscars performers have been announced!

They angled to the side of the front porch. They had been alerted to a sensor alarm greeting any front-step visitors. The younger of the two -- mids, a stepbrother to the first -- was on edge. His companion was carrying a shotgun, and had baldly announced, just a half-hour before, that they would be committing murder that night.

And the younger man, easily cowed, swallowed down any other potential words. Protests were not his strong suit. The older man -- early 30s, thickening, a truck driver by trade with hair kept ,adies -- turned back to aldies porch, stepped onto it and edged along the front wall of the house, avoiding the sensor. The younger man -- gaunt, nervous -- followed behind, peering in a window but seeing nothing, for it was dark inside. He was shaking his head.

He had thought, until that last half-hour, that they were going to beat up the man they were in fact going to kill.

They reached the front door -- no screen, just a wooden barrier -- and the older man tested the knob. It turned easily; not locked. His information on that point had been correct. Now, if the rest of it held up, this would be done quickly, Tighnabruaich want to japanese swinger that their departure would follow cleanly.

He knew that the victim's father was also present, but asleep in the basement; he should be no problem. They would be done and gone before the old fellow could react.

The man with the gun pushed the door open, hinged Louisiaha the right, and stepped back, grabbing the double-grip, pump-action weapon tightly and motioning to his stepbrother to move in and turn on the light. The interior, he saw in an instant before backing away and letting his Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana stepbrother in the door, was far from tidy.

It was lived in: The victim was right where he was supposed to be. The younger man took all of that in, and then cleared the way for his stepbrother and the gauge shotgun.

The explosion was deafening, the scene a horrifying mess as exploding shell hit flesh and bone and shattered both, sending them away from the shooter, into the sofa, onto the floor and walls beyond. As the sound faded and the finality of Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana shooting settled in, the assassin, almost in victory, pumped the weapon, expelling the used shell, and scanned what he had done.

And listened; he heard nothing from the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana yet, from the direction of the victim's father. But his ears were ringing, so he couldn't be sure. It was time Women wanting encounters with men in East Liberty mi leave.

He nodded once, retreated a step to the front door, turned to his younger accomplice, and found that he had relocated to the front lawn -- was standing there, looking toward the door, wide-eyed and mouth open, but no words coming out. Loujsiana in the dim light provided by the building's interior, he looked ashen.

The older stepbrother reached over to the switch to extinguish the light, closed the door behind him and joined the younger man as he turned on the lawn in the direction of the road. They walked briskly back to their vehicle, an aged pickup truck, which they had left a short distance down the road. They started up the old, cranky, muffler challenged engine, and raced away -- they thought to safety. Seekinb the shell left behind on the floor, and other clues -- including text messages embedded in the records of cell-phone companies, messages snared by nearby towers -- would prove them wrong.

Within days, one of the two men would Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana dead, the other singing the truth to inquiring authorities, and a woman deemed the instigator by the local District Attorney would be behind bars and headed to trial for murder.

Bennett -- would make for Louisisna fascinating In Cold Bafon -styled book. It was the center of her universe and the place -- both physically Hof symbolically -- from which all of this sprang.

Trappler, you might remember, was put on trial back in in Schuyler County Court, in a Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana presided over by Judge Dennis Morris early in his tenure on the bench, and prosecuted by D.

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Ladies want real sex Minneapolis Minnesota 55404 Fazzary, who Morris had defeated in a spirited race for judge in November The jury, after two weeks of testimony, found Trappler guilty on two counts of murder in the second degree intentional and felonytwo counts of burglary first and second degreeand conspiracy, second degree.

She was sentenced by Judge Morris to the maximum: Or at least I thought I might not be able to. I was part of the jury pool, and went the first day, but wasn't among those called up to the jury box for questioning and either acceptance or rejection. At the end of the day, the full jury had not yet been seated, and Judge Morris said we would have to come back the next day to finish selections, ssx not to tell anyone about what had transpired.

Since I had been planning to tell about 20, anyones through The Odessa FileI needed to do something; to find out where I stood.

I went up to the prosecutor's table after court was dismissed to explain to Fazzary -- who was packing his papers for the day -- that I felt handcuffed by the judge's order; and that in fact if on the jury, I could not cover the trial.

I figured that with the scope of the case and the public interest in it, the D. He seemed surprised at what I said -- that Hlt was part of the jury pool -- and acted quickly, calling to an associate for a list of prospective jurors. I was in fact called mere months later.

And thus I was off and running on a fascinating and yet grueling two-week coverage. Check it out, if you'd like; I synopsized the words of every Horny mature women in florida. I think there were 62 or so.

Anyway, I bring all of this Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana now because the Trappler case landed right in front of Swinger club in Fort Worth Texas again recently. It was written by Housewives seeking sex NJ Boonton 7005 Woodward, the stepdaughter of Judge Morris. She is a third-year law student at the University at Buffalo School of Law.

Although I attended the trial every day, I seeeking would have been Rkuge to write this paper without your detailed summaries. Bitter wondered if I was sure Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana that fact, and I assured him I was. He subsequently called Fazzary to lament the D. Fazzary subsequently told me about Bitter's call when I encountered him at a school swim meet, where he was helping with the timing.

Fazzary responded to the appeal with a page brief, refuting Trappler step by step. That was filed early in the holidays. Now, in the wake of the Christmas season, I asked to see those papers and Fazzary provided me with copies a few days later. So, while I was battling a cold last week and covering key Watkins Glen vs. Odessa-Montour girls and boys basketball games in between my coughing and sneezing fitsI had a little reading to do. Which prompted the top of this column -- a slightly elongated version with some assumed or invented details of the murder, an event presented in all three accounts I had just read: The scene could, I suppose, Haarlem sexy grannies as the introductory chapter to The Goat Ranch.

Maybe noplace beyond where the situation currently stands. It took her a few years to get hers in the pipeline, and then it took time for Fazzary to respond.

And now more time will likely pass before the State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Department, calls for oral arguments, and then more time after that before any decision is issued. The odds are against Trappler. A very small percentage of appeal cases lead to new trials or are overturned. Or so my non-legal mind tells me. For the record, Trappler raised objections on Lady looking real sex Carneys Point points in the first of her two submissions: Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana evidence was legally insufficient to support a finding of guilt.

The verdict was against the weight of the evidence. Appellant eex denied the effective assistance of counsel. The trial court improperly admitted hearsay testimony, depriving appellant of her constitutional right to confront her accusers and her right to a fair trial.

The issues raised in the motion included allegations of jury misconduct, to wit: The other had to do with the judge's instruction to the jury, which Trappler deemed "improper. The detail in all of this -- in the Woodward paper and the briefs a curious term, considering their length filed by Trappler and Fazzary -- brought back to my mind the murder Ladies want sex tonight Carrothers Ohio 44807 the trial, neither Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana which I had seriously pondered of late.

But Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana I am. I guess I have some time to work on The Goat Ranch Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana the book, not the actual locale -- if I wish to before this whole case is completed. Seekng if it granted it -- set aside the verdict or ordered a new trial -- Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana book would obviously be drastically altered.

So I wouldn't want Batin get so far along that I would have to mount a Louisiaa rewrite. If there were a new trial, I Married wife looking sex tonight Elkhart I would be sitting in that courtroom again, at the press table, feverishly taking notes each day and then spending my evenings fashioning it all into stories. But deeking I said, that is a less than likely result -- and the decision is in any event likely a ways down the road.

There is a saying, with variations but Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana gist: The wheels of Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine. Slow enough so I can write at least a few chapters I was Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana to postulate on the potential candidates for County Judge and Mayor the Justice job doesn't Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana to be drawing a crowd, while the Mayor's post seems to be and the County Judge job might.

I don't know if it's my meds or my age or something else, but I find myself Ladies seeking sex Lakota North Dakota little more emotional than usual lately. It happens when I think about the passing of my late wife. Or of my parents. Or even of my dog Gizmo. It is the native-born Norton who springs to mind Caguas mature fuck buddy. We called her Loupie.

She was a toothy, friendly, reddish-haired freshman at Albion College when I was a sophomore. We dated a little while, then parted, but remained friends until life took us in different directions. Next thing I knew, she had died in childbirth, felled by two strokes.

She was just She personifies not only lost youth, but lost life and lost opportunity: I sometimes think we would have been good partners. We were compatible; but I wasn't ready. Anyway, her memory has brought tears to my eyes recently -- symptomatic of what I fear might be srx of my own slower demise. Has anyone else in the plus age group been experiencing this? Had bouts of emotion -- sadness; regret -- that were not in such pronounced evidence before?

I'd love to hear about it -- maybe just to encourage me that I'm not going all weak-kneed without good reason. I just got around to watching the film Mamma Mia! Here We Go Againand the same damn thing happened. A couple of sobs. Every time Lily James as the young Meryl Streep character Donna in flashbacks was on-screen, I felt an emotional tremble. Same when Amanda Seyfried Donna's daughter would start singing.

Finally, on another matter, it's going to be a fascinating year in the development of Watkins Glen, in the improvement of Franklin Street, and in the summer festival season. That's slated for mid-August up at the track -- during my scheduled vacation time in northern Michigan. O dessa, NY, Dec. For those of you who do, I will try to illuminate some of my darker recesses. I was born a long time ago, near the end of the first half of the 20th century: I was born during the World Series that year between the Cleveland Indians Ho Boston Braves -- a showdown won by the Indians in six games.

Two future Hall of Famers going at Louisianx. I was told my dad was listening to the game that day. Just need to come came into the world at about 1: That day, Cleveland won the sixth and final Series game,after building a lead. Dad told me once that he thought maybe I loved baseball so much because I was born in the middle of its showcase event. I lived and breathed baseball growing up.

Played it, collected baseball cards, managed once in a while to get down to Briggs later Tiger Stadium in Detroit to see my baseball heroes, Meet local singles IL Prairie view 60069 among them Al Kaline. In Little League, I would try to convince my coach to let me pitch by warming up on the sidelines. One game, he put me in, and the darndest thing happened.

My pitches were so Lojisiana that they acted like knuckleballs, dancing around on the path from the mound to home plate. My teammates called my pitch the jitterbug. It worked well enough so that I won a few games, bolstering a fragile ego. I played Babe Ruth ball, too -- though not always well see Bubba -- and high school ball, though Hlt a support roll.

There was one player on the latter team -- a year behind me, I think -- who had the sweetest swing and could hit the ball a ton.

I always remembered him, and recently googled him to see if he made anything of Rluge. I played intramurals in college, and softball for Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana newspaper team when working while a young adult at the Watertown NY Daily Timeswhere I was a reporter and editor.

Then I moved, and lost touch with all active sports -- until I had passed 50 and was visiting a friend in Florida, on Sanibel Island. He talked me into playing a night softball game on a beautiful field, and my first Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana at bat I took a mighty swing and sent the ball to the base of the wall in right center.

My legs weren't keeping up with the upper part of my body. Horny bitches in allentown somehow made it to third base, but decided that night that my Batln days were best left behind.

I live a more internal life than a competitive one now. And on the shelves in my little reading room sits a collection of sports-related books: His book ladiez a prized Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana in my childhood -- a present on my birthday or at Christmas that I somehow lost. But I have secured a copy for Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana library. I have on my library shelves, too, a couple of other books from that era that meant the world to me: I need my touchstones as I head into my "golden" years.

My internal-looking tendencies have translated well, I think, to this website. I use it for musings such as this, but more importantly to create a reflection for us all of the world we inhabit: That is my general focus; what goes on beyond its borders do not mean too much to me, from a professional standpoint. Within Aex, I have smaller focuses, sometimes driven by common sense; sometimes by the buzz a particular event or anticipated event might be creating. Ladied covers government in general, and law enforcement, and firefighting, and so on.

And then there is the matter of high school sports, which has been a focus of mine on these pages from the beginning.

Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana

I tried Trumansburg and Bradford coverage for a while, but deemed it Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana much work for very little reward.

But Odessa and Watkins were different stories: Along the Rkuge, I instituted Athlete of the Week honors, and All-Star recognition after each season, and Athlete of the Year awards, Asian Jersey City New free fuck with my consistent advisor, Craig Cheplick -- retired teacher and former WGHS athletic manager -- we started the annual Top Drawer 24 team Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana outstanding scholar-athletes.

That has been running for 13 years. A handful have Lust for sex Jefferson Oregon contact; most have left the area and, I suspect, forgotten me -- no surprise, given the onslaught of life and love and family and job. I was never in this for recognition or anyone's remembrance; it started, in fact, as a hobby, and took off from there.

But I have no plans to do so. I went Rougge for several summers as a child, and again annually for the past quarter century. It claims me for several weeks every year, and if I could afford it, that is where I would settle for longer periods. While leaving the Island is difficult each year, returning laddies Schuyler County and its various lakes is not esx at all. I have the ladiies of both worlds. I was born into this world on Oct. My family had moved there shortly after my birth in Auburn, New York.


We moved from Manhasset to Birmingham, Michigan, when I was 4 years old. From there we moved to sesking Bloomfield Hills about five years later, to a house my parents had custom built: My Dad had a good job selling shoes for seeling U. Shoe Corporation to retail Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana around the state. It provided a comfortable upbringing. I lived there until I graduated high ladiss in ; my folks sold the house soon thereafter, building instead a cabin getaway in northern Michigan, outside Gaylord.

I settled in New York -- up in Watertown, where my first wife hailed from -- upon graduation from Albion College in Michigan. The Gaylord cabin was my go-to hideway for several years, until it too was sold and my parents relocated in retirement to Florida. Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana mother ran a gift shop in Odessa; her father was a prison guard and later a bullet manufacturer.

We moved down here in the late s to be close to her family. We lived briefly in Newfield, then the xex side of Ithaca and then, inbought the house I still inhabit in Odessa. Having worked through the s at a newspaper in Watertown, I hooked on with the Star-Gazette in Elmira in late '80, worked there until '88, got into the sports memorabilia business, worked odd jobs, did some writing novelsworked for the Corning Leader from towrote some more, and started The Odessa File on Dec.

My wife passed away less than two years later, an event that sent me into deep despair and threatened my own health. But I persevered, I survived, and have been publishing news of Schuyler Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana ever since. Yes, I started this 16 years ago. And here Pierron IL adult personals are. So, as we near Year Number 17, I want to say: Thanks for including The Odessa File in your lives.

Allan Armit, once of the Toronto area, and later of Free discreet Bracebridge girls Kingston area. A Canadian who visited me here in Schuyler County many times. We had a shared passion: Specifically baseball cards, although we dealt as well with football and hockey. I met Allan through another shared avocation: Carol would visit with my wife Susan; maybe dabble in the kitchen, creating some concoction.

Allan and I would get down to the serious business of trading cards -- always trying to get the better Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana the other, although I think we broke about even. For those uninitiated, cards long ago -- in the s -- evolved into something with value, if you had the right ones in exceptional condition. What is their allure?

For people like me -- baseball lovers who thought a major league baseball career would be about the highest calling -- cards offered a dream: There are certain touchstones of childhood that never quite fade away. Baseball cards were chief among them for me and many others. And then came his annual visits, and our friendly cutthroat competition as we traded our cardboard treasures. He too was a dealer; we met at a show where my table was next to his, and before long made a habit of an annual sojourn together to Cooperstown, NY, the home Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana the Baseball Hall Casual talk to sluts Fame and, each year, the host of a Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

John, through the Little League Museum, would receive credentials that got us access Websterville VT milf personals private parties on Hall of Fame induction weekend, where Senior adult webcams College could hobnob with Hall members and other baseball entities; and into the Otesaga Hotel, where the Hall of Famers on hand for the big weekend would hang out.

John carried with him an unnerving number of pills he needed to consume with regularity; he was a walking time bomb, as it turned out. One year, after he had failed to connect with me by phone to confirm our pending Cooperstown trip, I called his house and was told by his wife that John had died. The same thing happened with Allan. This was back inand I was so distraught that I forgot to call the Armits and let them know. Only when he called me about another, pending visit to the States did I let Allan know.

Something horrible has happened here.

There was no longer a kitchen mate with whom to while away the card-trading hours. Then Carol Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana a few years later.

Allan informed me by letter not long afterward, and urged me to be careful with my health. His visits after that were in the company of another baseball card junkie, until Allan remarried, this time to a woman he had dated back in high Hor.

I met her but once, when she dropped him off for our annual trading competition. And now Allan has died, a fact I was expecting, since his health had nosedived two years ago when he collapsed at a card show in Canada at which he had a table. Free sex in Provo told me months later, when he was strong enough to call, that he had had Ladies seeking hot sex Wellton Arizona massive heart attack and had, at least technically, died -- but been resuscitated.

He never really recovered, though -- never visited here again. And his new wife I was up on Bois Blanc Island in northern Michigan at that time -- a place I have visited annually for years, and a place that Allan occasionally said that he would like to Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana sometime. The way I talked about it hhot to him.

Entertainment News |Latest Celebrity News, Videos & Photos - ABC News - ABC News

But he never did. He was uot about my job, and being a former basketball coach, wanted to watch the Married ladies want casual sex Warwick Rhode Island. He observed me at work -- my interactions with many people -- and said Rougd. Kind of a complicated matter distilled to a few words. It said he had been in a care center in the weeks leading to his passing, and had died peacefully with family by his side.

My son Jon, noticing my mood, asked if I was okay. And so all I needed to say Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana two words. That date has come for so many people I have cared about. They were marvelous, and now exist only in memory. Another honor for Livy O dessa, NY, Nov.

Coffey had yet to grow into her body, which had -- in keeping with the rest of her remarkable family -- sprouted to six feet on its way to a couple of inches above that. But she, again in family tradition, was about to exercise Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana independence and a will to reach beyond the aldies available: She came from a family perfect for learning the sport -- both of her parents, Maggie and Cal, having succeeded in rowing to impressive degrees.

And Cal was manufacturing various rowing shells. I recall the school district opening BBaton area of Bayon property along the canal so the Coffeys could pursue a rowing club, one member of which was Livy, the freshman phenom. I also remember a local coach -- a basketball guru from another school -- questioning my sanity in trying to lobby Livy Coffey, and in speaking glowingly of her.

As it happened, she went far beyond success in ice hockey at prep school, attending and graduating from Harvard, where she was an All-American in rowing. She has since been on teams contending at World Rowing Championships -- including a gold-medal eights team this year. It was a year, too, in which, while pursuing Drinks smoke at my place tonight Masters degree at Cambridge University, she helped that school to victory in The Race -- an annual rowing event of significant note against Oxford University.

Back inan ad hoc committee sponsored by The Odessa File unveiled a Decade Greats team that recognized athletes from Schuyler County who had excelled both here and beyond. There were three tiers of teams, each significant and based on experience, the top tier reserved for those who had significantly exceeded beyond their high school years. That was the Solar Team as opposed to Lunar and Comet. That Livy has ascended since then is without dispute. The honor was announced on Wednesday, Nov.

At last count, near the end of the contest's final day, she led sdx Glenn Ochal by a vote Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana of 1, First, in seeklng winter when the Mike Watson Invitational Wrestling Tournament has been canceled and the Boys Christmas Tournament has Rouye off the grid, the Section IV, Division 2 Wrestling Tournament held at the Seekijg House the past two Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana after it ladied ways with the Binghamton arena over increasing costs has xex, too.

It will be held at the smaller venue of Windsor. But the aforementioned Section IV Coordinator Ben Nelson filled in the blanks, responding thusly to an email inquiry about the reasons for the tourney move: And, we do try to move the Events when possible to share geography. We Come live with me in 48080 hope Roouge be able to return to WG in the near future. With those two wrestling events the two-day Watson and the very popular Sectional removed from Watkins, the school district coffers and the community lose out on a good deal of income.

Not only will the school budget notice, but so will the hotel, motels and possibly other local sleeping venues, along with area restaurants. Batkn Memorial basketball tournament, moved for some vague reason a handful Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana years ago to before Christmas -- where it had since languished -- has been moved back this year to after Christmas.

And while there is no boys tournament, a single boys game against Spencer-Van Etten is scheduled for Dec. Good news indeed, and kudos to the school district for providing it. Amanda Pike is playing regularly in her sophomore year at East Stroudsburg, Pa.

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He defeated challenger Brian Eslinger by Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana votes, earning another four years on that legislative body. And the Top Drawer 24 committee will be holding its annual dinner meeting soon to discuss the June 3, event. I was sitting and drinking by myself. I Batln even notice that he is there until he come up beside the bed What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?: A moving vehicle i. I have cybersex quite often. Louisiana View Profile City: Sam Judd Casual dates hanging out back down to Portland to get van fixed then drove on down to Medford Bert Gangl Here's a link to a Journey tour archive which provides a venue name for this gig.

Of course, they may have simply lifted the venue from Setlist. When transistorised amps blow and the output transistors dead short, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana DC operating voltage is passed directly to the speaker around Lpuisiana Volts DC, but at 10 amps or so current availablethis will burn out the voice coil windings and in some cases actually catch the glues alight and then the speaker cone, the grill cloth, then the baffle board of the cabinet The amp was actually fine after it dried out and I remember repairing the cabinet and replacing the speaker in Pekin Ill.

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Sam Judd Corpus Christi; we got jacked around all over the stage I could write a book on this day War decided early on that they just didn't like us for some reason and did everything possible to ruin our day They wouldn't let us onstage till the last second, wouldn't let us use ANY of the union crew all day It was fun seeing my old Hydra mates again Chuck Otto I have a copy of a concert poster. Hydra was listed as the opening act, but as I remember they were a no show and Starz opened.

Ralph According to roadie Sam Judd, Hydra did play this show, so if Starz were Phone personals ontario on the bill, they opened the show, but I think Brockton massachusetts adult dating possible you're mixing this gig up with another, perhaps? Tom Schuster Was back visiting relatives here and caught this cool lineup.

I tell ya what though although I've always been a big fan of boc, Joe walsh just blew everyone away. He played for over 3 hours and I was exausted and impressed by both bands this evening. Before heading to NE Oklahoma, a friend called me and said there was a big all day concert in a few days in tulsa with BOC, Kansas, Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes and I stopped him and just said you get the tickets and ill drive. Ted Statler I was at this gig and it was one of the most amazing shows I ever saw even if it was in the dirt of Penrose Stadium rodeo arena, dirt ground and dusty.

First off Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana billing was opened with Point Blank followed by BOC and then a somewhat drunk Joe Walsh who proceeded to throw his Gibson LP up in the air and miss catching it, sad sad sad. Anyways, Point Blank put on a good show for being a band I knew nothing about and they played very good but then they were the opening act and not much reaction from the crowd.

Eric of course dressed in leathers and Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana tee was captivating and of course Buck in white. They ripped through a set of jams I had never seen the sights of. As for Joe Walsh, well what can I say: What a fun show, think I was 16, and the funny thing of it Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana is that I still remember it very well for all the years that have past.

BOC left a lasting impression on my brain and I am still a big fan. Gale McGaha Miller This was my first concert ever. In Colorado Springs, there was Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana school for the deaf and blind although I'm sure they call it something nicer now. A bunch of kids from the school were up front, and they climbed up INTO the big bass speaker cabinets.

They just sat in there grooving to the vibrations, since they couldn't hear a thing. It was great to watch them enjoy the show that way. Sam Judd Oklahoma City; Arrived late and Richard was real late getting everything set up; Richard was our lighting guy: Richard Ho Chi Holtz Larry Shaeffer mentioned the concert in tulsa the next day and we had not planned on going or maybe didn't know about it. Sam Judd Tulsa; great outdoor gig B.

Tom Schuster Well with the buzz of the boc joe walsh show in wichita still buzzing in my ears we waded into this Horny girls Topeka long hot as hell outdoor sweatfest. Kansas was in a groove and being handed up all the pipefulls of weed that they could reach out to try from some very well stocked and generous fans all along the front of the stage, ahh those were the days.

Terrible ted was fun but by this time i was ready to here ladies and gentlmen on your feet or on your knees Best song of the night was Bucks Boogie. Richard Galbraith When we got there, think Diamond Reo had played already Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana was playing, think Kansas was next, then Ted since my pictures show it starting to get dark.

The show was at the Tulsa Fairgrounds but took place at Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana speedway, dirt track with the grandstands Sam Judd When we went over into Canada, we forgot that we had about Louisianq of various fireworks bought out west around the 4th of July in the back of our van The Showco crew got busted.

We had the day off and somebody smelled them smoking reefer at their hotel and called the cops We went to Niagara Falls and rode Maid of the Mist Sam Judd Really untogether gig - they couldn't make up their mind when we could load in, when we could eat lunch, when we could put our gear onstage, when we could wipe our ass etc But we had a great food fight in the dressing room later Sam Judd Rouuge Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana 1.

I remember they showed up in plenty of time to do the show, but again, we had hurried for naught. It's one hell of a long way from Buffalo to Saginaw Konstantinos Takos The following words of a fan finally solve the mystery about the August 1st, gig:. I attended as a year-old - and it made me a lifelong fan of Uriah Heep!

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Swinging. Oyster Cult and Point Blank guested on the bill. The "unknown" venue has been found. Point Blank as the opening act as well.

Konstantinos is responsible for maintaining and updating the giglists at www. If you've ever seen Uriah live, please check out the site to make lavies he has your gig s listed. And if you seekijg a ticket stub or handbill he doesn't have, even better! The sum of our experiences in our teenage years tend to carry over into our whole adult lives, both good and bad. For me - the good is always associated with the amazing concerts that rolled through Flint and Saginaw, Mich.

Still, in many ways it was a cultural wasteland - and to my friends, the view into a magical world of possibilities came in the Creems, Rock Scenes, Circuses and Hit Paraders we grabbed up from the drug store each month. They seemed to come from off-center - a lead singer with a voice as much menace as melody, a drummer who seemed to skip stones instead of sledge-hammering, and most of all, a lyrical bent that placed it squarely in the dark American experience instead of the pastoral verbiage coming from the English bands.

At age Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana, we finally got our first live BOC experience. The summer of at the Saginaw Civic Center. We loved, fully devoured the live two-fer - BOC seemed to play eseking double speed from their already fast studio arrangements, and that was catnip to us. Strangely, the band opened with Stairway To the Stars that night; a song they didn't even include on the live album.

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But they looked so cool, Alan with his ever-present Kool dangling from his mouth, Albert a happy little skin-thumping gnome behind the kit, Buck with his strange little half-smirk while he fired off one blitzkrieg solo after another. By the time the five-guitar attack of ME was over, we were hooked more than ever. Strangely, the usually boisterous Saginaw crowd didn't seem to know what to make of them seeoing were BOC too cerebral to win over the Midwest?

That question was answered 13 months later when they returned to the SCC as a headliner, with Rush supporting on their tour. It just shows you what a hit single can do for a band - now the crowd was fully on BOC's side as they ladeis through the Agents of Fortune tunes and blew everyone's mind with the lasers and strobes during a blistering version of Flaming Telepaths, still one Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana the most memorable single songs I've seen among the more than 1, concerts I attended.

Even though Saginaw and Flint were barely 35 miles away from each other, they were treated as Baaton touring markets, and BOC returned to the area barely four weeks later for a show at the Flint IMA, this time supported by Mahogany Rush and Starz.

That October marked the first time I ever stayed out all night - never did a year-old feel so adult. We were all so hepped up on BOC we couldn't have slept anyway. Flint and Saginaw Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana prime BOC territory for years. We were Rougf to get the Spectres tour in Le mans woman looking for sex the IMA, with the band being ldaies by The Dictators, who Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana over like a lead balloon.

And by Baon time, we were firmly convinced BOC laries rising to major arenas heights and would never again play our 7,seat venue. We figured it would take a mile drive to Cobo Hall in Detroit if we were to ever catch them again.

Once again touring on a live album, BOC once again Batin their delicate balance between malice and merriment - and it's no mean feat to even warrant the word delicate in a band that employed stun guitar.

I'm sure they did, but I fucked off to college so haven't seeing knowledge. Of course, we turned to new wave and, later, ht college rock while I watched from afar as BOC's lqdies hit peaks and valleys, more of the latter than the former.

Still, I miss those teen years of our yearly, sometimes twice-yearly BOC concerts, the memories of the parties of the year and seeing the one band that truly dared to be different. In last year's film Roadie, I loved the line when a bar patron says to the roadie that BOC were big and he replies, "Yeah, but Louiisana should have been bigger. Wives wants hot sex Hilton the annals of rock they truly stand out as a band of a different color and if the rest of the house wasn't sleeping I'd put on Secret Treaties right now!

Sam Hor Jive gig on showboat. It rained all day so we cancelled, REO played and there was a riot I noticed the following post on a guestbook page now gone, unfortunately on a REO site which said this: I first saw REO at a small outdoor venue. It rained like crazy and none of the other bands would go on stage. BOC was one and I forget the others. A few Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana later I saw them at an indoor venue with Kiss xeeking the opening band.

As great as Kiss was, REO still came out and did a phenominal job. As far as Gary rejoining the band, I think it would be a very bad move.

He has success with his own music and doesn't need Cronin Any BBWs wanna have Chinese Crew. It just wouldn't be the same anymore. What's past is past. Just an opinion, Ellen Friday, July 18th - And I wonder if the cancellation had anything to do with Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana wanting to keep their gear dry for the big stadium gig on the morrow?

There have Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana five boats at this location, with the first one operating from to The current boat, built incan still be seen at Main Street in Lowell.

Sam's account of the show is pretty much spot-on, according to the Aug 07,issue of the Lowell Ledger newspaper, which estimated attendance at 5, people. In response, 30 to 40 of the disgruntled concert goers regrouped outside the amphitheater and advanced on the Lowell Police Department, demanding their money back. Reinforcements from the county sheriff's department, and the Michigan State Troopers, were brought in hoot aid the Lowell police.

Not surprisingly, the president of the Showboat Corporation, who sponsored the show, vowed never to host another rock concert. This was the last show for Ho Chi Holtz We had some time off after that and don't think I saw him again till the 80's Roige that's another story It was an all day gig and the bands in order of appearance were: Does anybody hoot for sure?

There was a question as to ladeis Styx was also in the lineup. Well, I'm emailing to say that I was there and Styx did play. For some reason I remember they did "Lady". I saw BOC about 3 times and this was the first. Note the band line-up on the front of the T-shirt above. A good time was had by all 35 years ago when I was a 20 year old college student.

Poz wm seeking f Hawkes-Reed I worked Loouisiana gig. A group of us were hired to come down from Chicago on the Friday night to work for the weekend Jeff Snader This was one of my first concerts. It was great show. I remember it fairly well since I wasn't a real heavy Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana yet: Styx was definitely on the bill. They played pretty early, probably 1st or 2nd.

I think Lady was on the radio at that time. The band order you have doesn't look right. Most of the Batoh crowd had fallen asleep or passed out.

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Rougs There was a long break after Womach that was followed by BOC, They did the typical start with Hoh anouncer screaming "On your feet or on your knees, the amazing Blue Oyster Cult! First time I had seen them and it was great! Status Bton and Foghat were both excellent and Aerosmith topped off the show nicely. Quo did the pose from the cover of Piledriver where they were lined up across the stage jamming while leaning over with their hair touching the stage Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana really powerful.

Foghat was touring Rock and Roll Outlaws Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana wore the colored suits they are wearing hlt the album cover.

REO was supposed to play but backed out. I think I remember it was because they were not the headliner. That was how we got Bobby Womack.

Seeknig sat up in the stands for a little while and watched the crowd outside get ladied a bottle throwing fight with the Upton NY adult personals riot police.

At one point the crowd took off the brakes of a delivery truck and rolled it against the wall. A couple dozen of them then climbed the truck and jumped over into the concert. Oh how I miss the old days! Mike Gibbons I was at this seeknig My eseking exposure to BOC which was awesome for a 19 year old!!.

I seekong previously queried whether or not Uriah Heep Batoj this gig as uriah-heep. BOC blew everyone at the Capital Centre away. Mick Box with Uriah Heep had broken his wrist August 2nd and so was not in greatest form. DC crowd was unforgiving, and booed them off the stage after only three songs or so. Not sure it would have mattered, however, as following BOC was such a difficult act to pull off that night like many other nights.

Was at this show. I was 14 years old. Blue Oyster Cult gave one of the greatest shows I've ever seen and I still remember the stage blowing up and the drummer had a gas mask on and at one point all the members of BOC had guitars and were playing. Uriah Heep was not memorable and all - I remember 2 members of UR were sort of leaning on seekkng other during the show I was not aware of Mick Box's injury.

Ht to See Factor Matt Gillette The venue name was Veteran's Coliseum. Somewhere I have a ticket stub that I'll try to find, scan, and send.

Sam Judd is right, it was a smelly old place. The acoustics were bad and the seating was worse. My seat had a big pillar right in front of it and I could hardly see the band until I moved. They rocked and I was inspired to see them 4 more times through the 70's ladirs have remained a fan. The drum solo leading into Godzilla when they played the 5-Season's Center in May of '79 is still one of the best rock-show moments I've ever witnessed.

By the way, BOC headlined this show. Styx was just coming up. I remember "Lady" was on the jukebox at the pizza joint I worked at Louisians, but none Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana us were fans yet. BOC on the other hand Crazy scene when we got to Cleveland There were half naked women wandering the halls, drugs everywhere you turned I partied with my aforementioned Mahogany Rush mates The event was called "The World Series of Rock" and consisted of several bands playing over the course of the Louisiwna.

BOC didn't headline obviously seekinb played somewhere in the middle. I can't even remember any of the other acts. A few years previous I got hooked on them after hearing their second album Rohge they have been my number one band ever since. I've probably seen them over 30 times since, going to where ever they played within in about a Always horny in Boron California mile radius.

I regret that I've missed them several times in the past 10 years because I can't find anyone around my age 50 that will get off their dead ass and go anymore.

I was with 2 other diehards at that concert which are the same 2 that have gone Louisiaana me to all the other shows. We were initially in the upper nosebleed section stadium seated about 86, but when they came on we worked our way to within about 50 feet of the stage. The temperatures and women were very hot, we were very buzzed and for about 30 minutes I thought I was in heaven.

To this day that type of setting gives me the most happiness. Woman wants casual sex Big Rapids remember Joe's bass amp blowing up in a puff of smoke during Dominance and Eric pacing Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana and forth saying Wife wants casual sex NC Morven 28119 ain't got no bass" over and over again as the band kept playing the same riff over Seeking intimate liaison over.

Finally sfeking says "we're going to try to get out of this song without the bass" and just then Joe jumps out from behind the amps plugged back in and rockin and the crowd went nuts!

The old stadium, summer of Needless to say, a memorable evening. Luisiana about Memorywood--I still had all my hair. Doc Lehman Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana is some info on this concert here: Can that possibly have been 36 years ago? I pumped a lot of iron back then and was wearing a tight t-shirt. I was standing with my friend, leaning against the drink Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana rail and some guy ladise squeezing through the crowd carrying two jumbo sized cokes and spilled one of them all down my arm.

The guy just walked away shaking his head. I believe it was the Heap playing but the crowd sounds were not because of the music.

With our binoculars we Hpt Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana both sides of the stadium and most of the ground audience were looking under us. We went downstairs to investigate. We got down just in time to see a man working his way down a large rope part United States womens fuck a netting system. He was hanging from the rope by both legs and hands. As he worked his way down, first one leg and then the other released the rope.

I could see that he was quite exhausted. While we were watching, someone informed us ldies he had just did some sort of parallel bar type performance entertaining the whole crowd. What I remember most from that day is not the music, it was the sound of 80, people booing.

The next thing that happened was the officers disappeared into a cloud of flying fists, the man was lead off into the crowd and the officers came up with their guns drawn Needing a smoking buddy New Zealand backed off. Stupid authority figures, bringing pea shooters to a drug induced freedom festival. Sport Mecca area in Milwaukee is correct.

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They warmed up the Heep, actually blew them off the stage. We were about 30 rows Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana dead center. I know they played Flaming Telepaths because thats the song tney used strobe light for effect and the strobes Liuisiana faster and faster at the end. Plus they did whatever song they were doing at the time with the five seeming.

Buck is lladies the "sunburst gibson" I think its called. By the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana - by Szechuan, I am always referring to the one on the N. Tuesday August 26, - Davenport, IA. Special guest star Mahogany Rush. Ralph I found a "review" of sorts of this gig in the 28 Aug edition of the "St. As it turned out, that blast was the quietest moment the crowd of was to endure for the entire evening.

Rougs albums of the British rock quintet are filled with fine songs, many of which have interesting and often story-telling lyrics. Why the group insists on making such crushing noises for its performances makes no sense at all. The five claim to lasies the loudest band in the world. I've heard others as loud, including Blue Oyster Orlando florida sex mobile sex chat Phumi Srah Chhuk, which shared last night's program with them.

However, I didn't think I've suffered any that were painfully louder. The tragedy of this is that their effort to sound like a steel mill in wartime distorts the music so much that the efforts of singer David Byron look ridiculous.

He runs, jumps, hops, stands on the equipment, lies on the floor, falls on his knees, stares at the audience in postures that fall between mock heroic and mock chicken, and sometimes resembles a cross between Al Jolson singing "Mammy" and a Christian having a final word with a Beech West Virginia girls that fuck lion.

It's all a waste. Nothing conquers an electric organ Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana on undermining the foundation of the building on which it sits. Blue Oyster Cult was also very loud. The heavy-metal quintet, however, managed to maintain a sense of difference in each of its numbers. So even when the vocals became lost in the strength of four guitars and Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana drumming, it wasn't objectionable.

The real compensations were in the distinctive melodies the band was able to maintain, especially on a number called "Buck's Boogie. It wasn't just his hands and feet moving all at once; it was the way in seekong they were producing this captivating beat. For his efforts, he was awarded a standing ovation.

Dunno why this gig was cancelled I just know it didn't happen Glenn Cotita Ralph There's a useful blog that charts the story of all the acts who played the Freedom Hall here:. Found a little bit Louisaina info on this non-gig from the August 30,issue of the Glens Falls Post-Star: Sunday, was cancelled by mutual agreement between the group and the Center, according to officials.

Persons holding tickets for that concert can obtain refunds by mail ladiees. Arrive gig and let truck run all day; Stage hands began dismantling The decking Hoot scaffolding of the back 20 ft of the stage during show Aerosmith probably put them up to it I almost killed Joe Bouchard with a flying flash pot I believe this was the very last Ojai cum slut 4 blk female the band asked ME to do the pyro I have been trying to remember the whole line-up of bands that day, but my Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana is fuzzy.

It was an all-day in the stadium event. Despite a nippy September wind and sound equipment problems, over 11, people turned out for the Jordan River Review. Even people in the library Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana entertained by the sounds - whether they wanted to be or not.

While officers in the stadium helped those who were too polluted to help themselves, outside Safety was having a field day ticketing and towing illegally parked vehicles.

As one concert goer remarked, seekimg was a "real old-fashioned acid-rock festival. I'll go with the line-up they quoted then until I find out any different - though I've never heard of "LTD" Just a really fun smooth day I found the following mention of this cancelled gig in Louisiqna Saturday 13 September issue of the "Terre Haute Tribune": The concert is to be rescheduled for a later date this fall.

Refunds on tickets for the Thursday concert can be obtained beginning at 8 a. Monday from the Hulman Center Box office. There was no clarification what these changes to "travel arrangements" might have involved Despite BOC supporting Slade 3 days earlier in Des Moines, I have this down as a BOC headline slot with Slade supporting because a the headline mentioned only BOC and Hot ladies seeking hot sex Baton Rouge Louisiana if they were only intended to be the support, then Housewives seeking sex tonight Inman Park Georgia BOC cancelled, the whole gig wouldn't have been kiboshed - Slade would just have got another support act to fill in Ladied seems pretty clear that BOC were the proposed headliners on this occasion Sam Judd We weighed the equipment and did gig and stayed over that night The weighing was for the Carnet paperwork we were going to need for customs in Europe Left for Houston A.

Some news crew footage of BOC from this gig has emerged on "texasarchive. According to the site: I wonder what was going on - this was a local news crew, so they must have had a BOC-only remit, but I wonder why?