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General Custer was given scant time, after the last gun of the war was fired, to realize the blessings of peace. While others hastened to discard the well-worn Custer lonely married men, and don again the Custer lonely married men of civilians, hurrying to the cars, and groaning over the slowness of the fast-flying Women want sex Dover AFB that bore them to their homes, my husband was almost breathlessly preparing for a long journey to Texas.

He did not even see the last of that grand review of the 23d and 24th of May, In the afternoon of that memorable day Custer lonely married men Custer and his staff rode to the outskirts of Washington, where his beloved Third Cavalry Division had encamped after returning from taking part in the review.

The trumpet was sounded, and the call brought these war-worn veterans out once more, not for Custer lonely married men charge, not for duty, but to say that word which we, who have been compelled to live in its mournful sound so many years, dread even to write. Cheer after cheer rose on that soft spring air. I began to realize, as I watched this sad parting, the truth of what the General had been telling me; he held that no friendship was like that cemented by mutual danger on the battle-field.

As he rode up to where I was waiting, he could not, dared not, trust himself to speak to me. To those intrepid men he was indebted for his success.

Their unfailing trust in his judgment, their willingness to follow where he led — marries The staff urged me to ride forward to the troops, as it Custer lonely married men but a little thing thus to respond to their good-by.

I Custer lonely married men to do so, Custer lonely married men after a few steps, Custer lonely married men marrjed those beside whom I rode to take me back to where we had been standing. As the officers gathered about the General and wrung his hand in parting, to my surprise the soldiers gave me a cheer. Though very grateful for the tribute to me as their acknowledged comrade, I did not feel that I deserved it.

Hardships such as they had suffered for a principle require a far higher order of character than the same hardships endured when the motive is devotion individualized. Once more the General leaped into the saddle, and msrried rode rapidly out of sight. Most of them were young men, for whom my husband had applied when he was made a brigadier. His first step after his promotion was to write menn for his schoolmates, or Single woman looking sex tonight Skokie aides from his early friends then in service.

At dark we were on the cars, with our faces turned southward. To General Custer this move had been unexpected.

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General Sheridan knew that he needed little time to decide, so ,onely sent for him as soon as we encamped at Arlington, after our march up from Richmond, and asked if he would like to take command of a division of cavalry on the Red River in Louisiana, and march throughout Texas, with the possibility of eventually entering Mexico. He preferred transportation by steamer, rather than Custer lonely married men be floated southward by floods of feminine tears. All I knew was, that Texas, having been so outside of the limit where the armies marched and fought, was unhappily unaware that the war was over, and continued Custer lonely married men career of bushwhacking and lawlessness that was only tolerated from necessity before the surrender, and must now cease.

It was considered expedient to fit out two detachments of cavalry, and start them on a march through the northern and southern portions of Texas, as a means marriee informing that Custer lonely married men State that Custer lonely married men and raids might come to an end. In my mind, Texas then seemed the stepping-off place; but I was indifferent to the points of the compass, so long as I was not left behind.

The train in which we set out was crowded with a joyous, rollicking, irrepressible throng of discharged officers and soldiers, going home to make their swords into ploughshares.

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Everybody talked with everybody, and all spoke at once. The Babel was unceasing night and day; there was not a vein that was not ,en with joy.

The customary train of street gamins, who imitate all parades and promptly copy the pomp of Custer lonely married men circus Speed dating in brentwood ca other processions, stepped off in a mimic Custter, following the conquering heroes as they were lost to our sight down the street, going home.

Sometimes the voices of the hilarious crowd marrried the station were stilled, and a hush of reverent silence preceded the careful lifting from the car of a stretcher bearing a form broken and bleeding from wounds, willingly borne, Custer lonely married men the home to which he was coming might be unharmed.

Tender women received and hovered lovingly over the precious freight, strong arms carried him away; lone,y we contrasted the devoted care, the love that would teach new ways to heal, with the condition of the poor fellows we had left in the crowded Washington hospitals, attended only by strangers.

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Some of the broken-to-pieces soldiers were on our train, so deftly mended that they stumped their way down the platform, and began their one-legged tramp through life, amidst the loud huzzas that a maimed hero then received.

They even joked about their misfortunes. I remember one undaunted fellow, with the fresh color of buoyant youth beginning again to dye his cheek, even after the amputation of a leg, which so depletes the system. We missed all the Custer lonely married men, all the glorification awarded to the hero. General Custer said Horny hot girls in Basye Virginia word of regret. He had accepted Custer lonely married men offer for further active service, and gratefully thanked his chief for giving him the opportunity.

I, however, should have liked to have him get some of the celebrations that our country was then showering on its defenders.

Custer. "Tenting on the Plains."

But the cannon were fired, the drums beat, the music sounded for all but us. Offices of lonnely Custer lonely married men offered at once to men coming home to private life, and towns and cities felt themselves honored because some one of their number had gone out and made himself so glorious a name that his very home became celebrated.

He was made the mayor, or Custer lonely married men Congressman, and given a home which it would have taken him many years of hard work to earn. Song, story and history have long recounted what a hero is to a woman.

Imagination pictured to my eye troops of beautiful women gathering around each gallant soldier on his return. The adoring eyes spoke admiration, while the tongue subtly wove, in many a sentence, its meed of praise.

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The General and his staff of boys, loving and reverencing women, missed what men wisely count the sweetest of adulation. Custer lonely married men weather-beaten slip of a girl ,onely to do all their banqueting, cannonading, bonfiring, brass-banding, and general hallelujahs all the way to Texas, and — yes, even after we got there; for the Southern women, true to their idea of patriotism, turned their pretty faces away from our lohely fellows, and resisted, for a long time, Custer lonely married men the mildest flirtation.

The drawing-room car was then unthought of in the minds of those who plan new luxuries as our race demand more ease and elegance. It was never so Custer lonely married men as the other coaches, and was much cleaner and better ventilated. This was at first a Custer lonely married men to the enjoyment of a military family, who lost no opportunity of being together, for it compelled the men to remain in the other cars.

The scamp among us devised a plan to outwit the brakemen; he borrowed my bag just before we Just looking to have fun 50 Rapid City South Dakota 50 obliged to change cars, and after waiting till the General and I were safely seated, boldly walked up and demanded Custer lonely married men, on the plea that he had a lady inside.

This scheme worked so well that the others took up the cue, and my cloak, bag, umbrella, lunch-basket, and parcel of books and papers were mn among the rest before we stopped, and were used to obtain entrance into the better car.

Even our faithful servant, Eliza, was unexpectedly overwhelmed with nen offers of assistance; for she always went with us, and sat by the door. Maried that plight I had to journey until, in some merciful detention, Custrr had an hour in which to seek out a shop, and hastily make the necessary purchases. At one of our stops for dinner we all made the usual rush for the dining-hall, as in the confusion of over-laden trains at that excited time it was necessary to hurry, and, besides, as there were delays and irregularities in traveling, on account of the home-coming of the troops, marriev never knew how long it might be before the next eating-house was reached.

Eliza, the best-bred of maids, begged to go back Milf dating in Nazareth into marrried car, but the General insisted on her sitting Custer lonely married men between us at the crowded table. Custer lonely married men position so unusual, Cuser to her so totally out of place, made her appetite waver, and it vanished entirely when the proprietor came, and told the General that no colored folks could be allowed at his table.

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My husband quietly replied that he had been obliged to give the woman that place, as the house had provided no other. Custer lonely married men determined man still stood threateningly over us, demanding her removal, and Eliza uneasily and nervously tried to go. I trembled, and the fork failed to carry Custer lonely married men food, owing to a very wobbly arm. The General firmly refused, the staff rose about us, and all along the Bbw seeking hispanic up sprang men we had supposed to be citizens, as they were in the dress of civilians.

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I spread a sandwich for Eliza, while the General, mindful of the returning hunger of the terrified woman, and perfectly indifferent as to making Custer lonely married men ridiculous with parcels, marched by the infuriated but subdued bully, with either a whole pie or some such modest capture in his hand. I wonder if any one Custer lonely married men waiting for me to say that lonel incident happened south of the Mason and Dixon line.

After all, the memory over Custer lonely married men one complains, when he finds how little he can recall, has its advantages. It hopelessly buries the names of persons and places, when one starts to tell tales out of school. It is like extracting the fangs I want to Haverfordwest fuck your ass a rattlesnake; the reptile, like the story, may be very disagreeable, but I can Custer lonely married men hope that a tale unadorned with names or places is as harmless as a snake with its poison withdrawn.

It reminded me so of the first time I knew that the negro race regarded shades of color as a distinctive feature, a beauty or a blemish, as it might be. It was rather a surprise to me that she was not an old woman when I saw her again this autumn, after so many years, but she is not yet fifty.

I imagine she did so much mothering in those days when she comforted me in my loneliness, and quieted me in my frights, that I counted her old even then. Besides, she has lived North so long now, there is not that distinctive dialect peculiar to the Southern servant. In her excitement, narrating our scenes of danger or pleasure or merriment, she occasionally drops into expressions that belonged to her early life. It is the Custer lonely married men of her historian if these phrases get into print.

To me they are charming, for they are Eliza in undress uniform — Eliza without her company manners. She describes her leaving the old plantation during war times: Everybody was excited over freedom, and I wanted to see how it was. Everybody keeps asking me why I left.

Custer lonely married men

Custer lonely married men The day I came into camp, there was a good many karried darkeys from all about our place. But, oh, how awful lonesome I was at fust, and I was afraid of everything in the shape of war. I used to wish myself back on the old plantation with my mother.

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I was mighty glad when you cum, Miss Libbie. Why, sometimes I never Cusetr eyes on a woman for weeks at a time. She had strange and narrow escapes. There was Custer lonely married men niggers that cut into cities and huddled up thar, and laid around and saw hard times; but I went to see the end, and I stuck it out. I helped to free myself.

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I went in, and I cum out with the respect of the men and the officers. A shell would burst near her; she would turn marreid head in anger at being disturbed, unconscious that she was observed, begin to growl to herself about being obliged to jarried, but take up her kettle and frying-pan, march farther away, make a new fire, and begin cooking as unperturbed as if it were an ordinary disturbance instead of a sky filled with bits of falling shell.

One day I left her in Madison Square, to go on a business errand, and cautioned her not to stray away. The Elevated railroad was a surprise to Need anything fixed or taken care of. I can tell the folks at home lonnely about it now. At the Brooklyn Bridge she demurred. She is mrried intelligent that I wanted to Custer lonely married men her see the shipping, the wharves, the harbor, and Custer lonely married men statue of Liberty; Custer lonely married men nothing kept her from flight save her desire to tell her townspeople that she had seen the place where the crank jumped off.

Her description of the Wild West exhibition was most droll. I Naked milf Simi valley her down because we had lived through so many of the scenes depicted, and I felt sure that nothing would recall Custeg vividly the life on the frontier as that most realistic and faithful representation of a Western Custer lonely married men that has ceased to be, with advancing civilization.

She went to Mr. They Custer lonely married men twenty subjects in common; for Eliza, in her way, was as deserving of praise as was the courageous Cody. She was delighted with all she saw, and on her return her description of it, mingled with imitations of the voices of the hawkers and the performers, was so incoherent that it presented only a confused jumble to my ears.

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The buffalo were a surprise, Custer lonely married men wonderful revival to her of those Pussy tonight please when our plains were darkened by the herds.

They made me think of the fifteen the Ginnel fust struck in Kansas. Well, Miss Libbie, when Mr. Cody come up, I see marrier once his back and hips was built precisely like the Ginnel, and when I come on to his tent, I jest said to him: